1. Brand New Walking Shoes-Live at... 0:00

  2. You Can Make It If You Try-Live at... 0:00

  3. Late in the Evening-Live at Wausau... 0:00

  4. Come by Me-Live at Leach... 0:00

  5. Incredible-Live at Leach Amphitheater 0:00

  6. Sunny Sunday-Live at Octoberfest 0:00

  7. Sledgehammer-Live at Leach... 0:00

This is the largest gathering of Smooth Operators in one place since the great Midwestern Zamboni conference of '87! Watch your fingers around that smokin' hot horn section and be dazzled by our shiny new backup singers!

Our 2012 re-issue album, "YOUR LIVELY LOVE: DELUXE" features lots of live festival recordings with The Mighty Megaband, as well as some of the Smooth Operators' first studio recordings, mastered at Warner Bros. You can buy the CD or download here