Helllooooo Music Lovers! For the first time ever, our holiday album is available on all streaming services! It captures a magical night at the Appleton PAC when we put together a set of disco-themed holiday music to raise much-needed funds for local non-profit BABES Child Abuse Prevention Program.

    And like the the audience that night, you can enjoy this music from the comfort of your seat, or, the preferred method of many...DANCE PARTY!!!

    We also included a few BONUS tracks, including the new Sly Joe original "It Ain't Christmas" featuring Julio Reyes.

    As with the download version of the album, 50% of every penny we earn from streaming this album will be donated back to BABES so they can continue their important work.


    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones everywhere!

  • Look Who's Back!

    Joe is back in the Fox Valley again after 3 years living in Nashville! He stayed busy writing and producing demos for other artists in the heart of Music City. Some of those songs even found their way into the Smooth Operator setlist, including one called, "Cooler" written with Alayna Carroll and Adam Kowal. To hear more of what Joe Sly has been producing lately, head on down to his SoundCloud page

  • The Source

    A few months ago we found a new favorite. As a restaurant they are exceptional, building and evolving their menu around what the local farmer's are currently harvesting. As a live venue, they exceed the expectations for the Fox Valley by featuring an absolutely top-notch sound and light system on their prominent stage.

    This magical place is The Source in Menasha, and we are absolutely smitten about it. If you'd like to hear for yourself how incredible this place sounds, we made a 9-song compilation from our April show. Check it out here

  • A Walkabout Down Abbey Road

    Last Summer we had the extreme pleasure of performing the greatest album of all time, The Beatles' masterpiece, "Abbey Road". It was a labor of love learning it, and an absolute thrill to play it. And now you can listen to the recording from that night: Abbey Road

  • The Discofunk Holiday Experience

    Three years ago, at the request of our dear friend Dr. Manns, we created a disco-themed holiday concert to be performed at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the organization she founded, B.A.B.E.S. of Appleton, a non-profit respite and counseling center for strengthening families and preventing child abuse.

    Through the years we've had many fun times playing at BABES celebrations...parades, dances, parties, and the annual holiday concerts. Each event had a fantastic theme, and we were always brainstorming what we would do for the next one.

    Sadly, Dr Manns passed away last year. When we performed this concert in 2011 she joined us on stage to sing "I Will Survive", and indeed, her spirit still survives in the good work that BABES continues to do, helping and supporting families in the Fox Cities.

    And it is in that same spirit that we want to continue giving back to this wonderful organization. So, any money we make from sales of "The Discofunk Holiday Experience" album, 50% will be donated back to BABES, in honor of the late, great Dr. Manns.

    LISTEN/PURCHASE "The Discofunk Holiday Experience"

    And...for the first time since its debut in 2011, we will be performing "The Discofunk Holiday Experience" live on Dec 12! It's your favorite holiday tunes, funked up to put the groove in your yule tides! Special guests, dance-offs, and prizes for the ugliest sweaters. Correction...AMAZING prizes!

  • Inside the Song

    Back in March we prepared an intimate evening of music called, "Inside the Song". For the first time, we stripped our songs down to bare-bones acoustic versions, and told illuminating and amusing stories about them. In the vein of MTV Unplugged and VH1 Storytellers, we celebrated the timeless tradition of connecting our collective human experience through the magic of songs.

    Take a listen to some of the highlights from that evening at the historic Algoma Club in Oshkosh, including a F'ree Download: HERE

  • Classycal Piano

    Did you know, long before forming the Smooth Operators, Sly Joe was just a little Joey who played classycal piano? Once in a while, you can still catch him doing it around the Fox Valley at fantastic restaurants like Cannovas and Manila.

    Take a listen to a recording session from last week filled with Chopin and Schumann: HERE

  • Catch us on ABC's Mixology, Again!

    For the 2nd time this month, our music will be featured on National TV! Tune in Wednesday, May 14 at 8:30pm (CST) for the latest episode of "Mixology" on ABC. The show follows 10 single people trying to find love during one crazy night at a fancypants Manhattan bar, and at some point they will be playing our retrofunk mission statement,
    "Funk in our DNA". 

  • Album Review

    "It is outstanding...Sly Joe & the Smooth Operators nailed this one...(they) play with passion and a very accessible sense of fun and good times...grabs and holds in a soul-funk groove...just right."

    Thanks to all of you who've purchased our new album, "Miles and Miles to Go". Your support and kindhearted comments are rocket fuel for our merry-music-making-machine, and we deeply appreciate it.

    Have you seen the May issue of SCENE Newspaper yet? There's a pretty nice review of the album by George Halas. You can read it online: here

  • Catch us on ABC's Mixology

    Tune in Wednesday, April 23 at 8:30pm (CST) for the latest episode of "Mixology" on ABC. The show follows 10 single people trying to find love during one crazy night at a high-end Manhattan bar, and at some point they will be playing our discofunk anthem, 
    "Hot Sauce". Shake a little more, baby!

  • Album Release / Video Premiere

    Excitement! We're about one week away from the release of our 6th album. Three years in the making, "Miles and Miles to Go" aims to reach out and touch your heart and soul. This event will also be the premiere of our 1st music video, "I've Been Found".

    Special Guests at the party include The Waters Bros (Cool Waters Band) and Jacob Fannin (NBC's "The Sing-Off") playing intimate acoustic sets. And to enhance your experience, enjoy a free pint of Spotted Cow (while supplies last)!

    "Making a new album is always superfun- writing new material and pushing the boundaries in the studio, finding new sounds to wrap the ideas in. We're very fortunate to live in the Fox Valley, where so many music lovers support the creation and delivery of new music."
    -Sly Joe (in a Post-Crescent Interview)

  • Our First Music Video, Starring You!

    It's with much excitement that we announce the filming of our first official music video. And best of all, we want you in it!

    It's happening March 2 in Oshkosh. There will be a dance party vibe, with elements of polka and parade too. Acting experience is nice, but not necessary. Food and Bev will be provided.

    Sounds like fun, right? Contact us if you're interested in being in the video, or helping with set/costume design beforehand. Feel free to invite your friends. The song is I've Been Found, from our upcoming album.

  • Sly Joe Mobile App

    We've just released our new Mobile App. It works with any device on the Android operating system, and it's free. We're currently in 'beta' mode, so please let us know how it's working for you.

    Be sure to follow the first instruction (settings: allow unknown sources) for a successful download.

  • Marley & Me

    Here in Wisco, Winter's had a hard time letting go. Just when the bird songs were in the breeze again, and it looked like we were in the clear, Winter's icy fingers rushed back under our shirts to rest on the small of our backs.  

    But the snow is almost gone now.  And we're already dreaming about Summer!  According to our expanding calendar, we'll be pretty easy to find when the sun shines brightest.  Big festivals and Concerts are already planned for Oshkosh, Appleton, Wausau, and Sheboygan; with more coming in everyday.  And big concerts means big stages means big band means BIG FUN!  Watch out for exciting changes in our show this summer, with some new faces joining the Mighty Megaband of Smooth Operators.

    My latest creation is now playing in our Fresh Goods jukebox. When you listen to "Late Bloomer", you might notice that I've been re-influenced by Bob Marley & the Wailers after watching Kevin MacDonald's new film, "Marley".  I'm always impressed not only by his music, but also the way Bob understood that the music was greater than himself.  He knew his purpose was to be a musical vessel that could bring mankind into a greater spirit of unity, peace, and love.

  • Sly Joe Exposes Self in Public

    A new interview with Sly Joe just came out in the prominent Fox Valley newspaper, Appleton's Post Crescent. It's an in-depth cover story which gives some insight into the songwriting process and a little bit of his musical history.

    The article also features a live video of Sly performing a new song, "Freefall into Love" at Copper Rock's Burlap Suite. Click the picture to get all the straight goods...

  • Freefall into Love, Thank You.

    Thanks.  It's that time of year again when the calendar reminds us to be thankful.  This year, I hope to keep an attitude of gratitude every day.  Thanks for dirty dishes to means that I have enough food to eat.  Thanks for the mountain of laundry to means I have enough clothes to wear.  Thanks for a grimy bathroom to scrub...running water and indoor plumbing are pretty great. Thanks.

    And for you, there's a new song waiting in our Fresh Goods chamber.  It's a cute little thing, sort of like a unicorn sweater for your heart.  It's called "Freefall into Love", and to show our gratitude to you, dear [SOUL]mate, you'll be able to download it for free this whole Thanksgiving week. 

    We've also got some fun shows coming up this week for all you Fox Valleyans beginning with us floating down College Ave in the Appleton Holiday Parade tonight. 

  • Your Lively Love - Deluxe

    We are happy today to officially re-release  Your Lively Love, the first album featuring the Smooth Operators! This new Deluxe edition  expands the original 3-song EP into a 10-song adventure! Only Love.

  • The New Deal

    All right, here's the deal.  You can listen to samples of all our songs on the audio page now. If you decide you'd like one of our CDs, send us a message on our contact page.  We'll mail it to you right away so you can listen to your heart's content. We'll also include a pre-stamped envelope so you can send us some money in exchange, after you receive the CD.  No credit card info and no middle men taking their cuts.  Just a direct relationship between us and you.

  • Yes WAMI

    The WAMI (Wisconsin's Grammy) Awards Show is coming to Appleton April 15. With your help, we can win one of these and represent the soulful sounds of our mitten-shaped state; ambassadors of the groove that mooves you.

    Online Voting for the People's Choice Award is open right now. You can vote for Sly Joe & the Smooth Operators (Northeast Quadrant), no matter where you live.  It's music.  It crosses state lines and drives through the night just to say good morning when you wake up.  Thank you for letting us make music to you.  Vote HERE.

  • Pandora's Groove

    You can now hear us on Pandora, the internet radio station that plays only music you'll love!  Just type in the name of a song or artist you love, and Pandora will scan it's entire catalog of analyzed music (almost a century of popular recordings) to find songs with interesting similarities to your choice.  You can also refine your station by typing in other songs, or rating songs with a thumbs up or down.  It's fun, try it!