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  • Freefall into Love, Thank You.

    Thanks.  It's that time of year again when the calendar reminds us to be thankful.  This year, I hope to keep an attitude of gratitude every day.  Thanks for dirty dishes to means that I have enough food to eat.  Thanks for the mountain of laundry to means I have enough clothes to wear.  Thanks for a grimy bathroom to scrub...running water and indoor plumbing are pretty great. Thanks.

    And for you, there's a new song waiting in our Fresh Goods chamber.  It's a cute little thing, sort of like a unicorn sweater for your heart.  It's called "Freefall into Love", and to show our gratitude to you, dear [SOUL]mate, you'll be able to download it for free this whole Thanksgiving week. 

    We've also got some fun shows coming up this week for all you Fox Valleyans beginning with us floating down College Ave in the Appleton Holiday Parade tonight.