1. All the Time (In the World) 0:00

  2. The Straight Goods (feat. Pita from... 0:00

  3. Your Smile is Priceless 0:00

  4. If I Could Catch You 0:00

  5. Sunny Sunday (LIVE @ Houdini Plaza) 0:00

  6. I'm Not Finished 0:00

  7. Here Today, Here to Stay 0:00

  8. Lunch with You 0:00

  9. Best Day Ever 0:00

  10. The Meadowgrass and the Morning... 0:00

  11. Hot Sauce 0:00

  12. Come by Me (LIVE at Leach Amphi... 0:00

  13. Paint a Perfect World 0:00

  14. We Touch (feat. Erin Krebs) 0:00

Sly Joe & the Smooth Operators released their fourth album, 'The Straight Goods' in 2011. In the three years since their last release, Sly Joe had written around 100 songs with collaborators like Ethan Keller, Mario Noche, and Julie Moriva (Big Machine Records). This album represents the best of that creative bounty.

Several special guest artists including Pita from Unity the Band, Erin Krebs, and Greg Waters make excellent contributions, along with the horn and string players that started to appear on 2008's Surrounded by the Heart. Along with the standout songs, this album represents a huge leap forward in Sly Joe's production style.