Inside the Song

Back in March we prepared an intimate evening of music called, "Inside the Song". For the first time, we stripped our songs down to bare-bones acoustic versions, and told illuminating and amusing stories about them. In the vein of MTV Unplugged and VH1 Storytellers, we celebrated the timeless tradition of connecting our collective human experience through the magic of songs.

Take a listen to some of the highlights from that evening at the historic Algoma Club in Oshkosh, including a F'ree Download: HERE

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Classycal Piano

Did you know, long before forming the Smooth Operators, Sly Joe was just a little Joey who played classycal piano? Once in a while, you can still catch him doing it around the Fox Valley at fantastic restaurants like Cannovas and Manila.

Take a listen to a recording session from June 2014 filled with Chopin and Schumann: HERE

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 Catch us on ABC's Mixology!

Wanna hear us playing on National TV?! Tune in Wednesday, April 23 at 8:30pm (CST) for the latest episode of "Mixology" on ABC. The show follows 10 single people trying to find love during one crazy night at a fancypants Manhattan bar, and at some point they will be playing our discofunk anthem, "Hot Sauce".

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 Album Review

Thanks to all of you who've purchased our new album, "Miles and Miles to Go". Your support and kindhearted comments are rocket fuel for our merry-music-making-machine, and we deeply appreciate it.

Have you seen the latest issue of SCENE Newspaper yet? There's a pretty nice review of the album by George Halas. You can read it online: here

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"I dare anyone to listen to this without cracking a smile."
- Zack 'The Mothman' Daggy

"Full of emotion-fueled hooks that seem instantly timeless...there's medical evidence proving his music truly does lift the spirit and the soul."
-Jason Verstegen, SCENE Newspaper

"Sly Joe and the Smooth Operators have entered a new territory in soul, funk and roots music...creating a wholesome yet breathtaking live performance...nothing short of being marvelous and organic!"
- TJ Dewey, GB Nightlife

"Outstanding...Sly Joe & the Smooth Operators play with passion and a very accessible sense of fun and good times...grabs and holds in a soul-funk groove...just right."
-George Halas, SCENE Newspaper